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The Intead Vision

We at Intead believe global education fosters cross-cultural understanding which, in turn, builds stronger economies and more peaceful times. With two imperatives in mind, we employ strategic analytics and interactive technology, to deliver customized recruiting tools that meet the unique goals of academic institutions.

We believe in the power of digital marketing and the need for face-to-face contact to build cross-cultural programs that deliver financial stability.
To answer the need: We drive enrollment with a specialty in international marketing and recruitment.


Intead develops strategies and deploys digital tools to attract, recruit, orient and retain international and U.S. students.

Intead has created a systematic approach to supporting an institution’s vision for a broader, deeper, more diversified student population. From strategic analysis of an institution’s culture and its specific opportunities for student population growth to the tools that can help implement that strategy, we offer the expertise that make this complex process more understandable and achievable.

Our approach enhances the communication, branding and marketing of academic institutions using a culturally appropriate and accessible digital platform. We support our customers and products with sophisticated analytics services, ultimately improving results and decreasing costs over time.

Intead Specialties

  • Global Brand and Message Development
  • International Student Market Research
  • International Student Enrollment Strategy
  • International and Domestic Student Recruitment
  • Online and Off-line Academic Marketing
  • Mobile App Development
  • International Social Media Management and E-mail Marketing
  • Digital Platforms
  • Google and SEO Analytics

Our Team

We have a highly experienced international team of innovative professionals with global know-how and perspective.

Benjamin Waxman
Chief Executive Officer

Ben has over 25 years of experience working in marketing, branding and communications. He is particularly adept at aligning the many internal stakeholders within large non-profit institutions behind a global marketing initiative.
Preferred Study Abroad Location: Switzerland
-To build international connections for career development.
Edward Zhang
Vice President and China Country Manager

Edward’s ability to seamlessly connect Western academic institutions with Chinese students, parents, professionals and institutions shows his talents to break down barriers between East and West. He brings extensive experience in strategic marketing, relationship building, and cross cultural understanding.
Preferred Study Abroad Location: USA
-Great opportunities and a chance to have fun!
Kellie Faulkner
Client Service Director

Kellie has spent over twelve years of her career focused on marketing, admissions and recruitment strategy, and system development for schools and universities. As Director of Client Service, she uses her expertise in emerging media and digital marketing to develop strategies on how best to reach targeted audiences with compelling information and offers, resulting in a higher yield.
Preferred Study Abroad Location: Italy
-Where the language is like music and the food is like love.
Rashmi Arora
Tech Lead

Rashmi is Intead’s resident computer whiz. There isn’t a computer issue we face that Rashmi cannot resolve. As a digital technology company we are incredibly reliant on the expert work performed by Rashmi and her team.
Preferred Study Abroad Location: USA
-Excellent opportunities for research and training and a chance to know more about the country.
Elizabeth Frederick
Marketing Director

Since her time at the agency Razorfish during the late 90’s tech boom, Elizabeth has guided marketing, branding, and communications efforts for big domestic and international brands. The daughter of an academic librarian and professor of pharmacy, Elizabeth was unable to resist the pull of academia and joined Intead in 2010. She studied abroad in Belgium and speaks French and Russian.
Preferred Study Abroad Location: Bhutan
-To explore Gross National Happiness and the Tiger’s Nest.
Jennifer Thayer
Marketing Communications Manager

Jennifer’s unique position of being a recent undergraduate at Bryant University, and current graduate student at Northeastern University, allows her to bring her fresh experiences and perspective as a student to each project. As Marketing Communications Manager, Jennifer delivers high-level writing and project management skills, met with a curiosity and drive to engage in discussions around emerging marketing tools and techniques.
Preferred Study Abroad Location: Seville, Spain
-To re-explore and spend more than just a few days in this vibrant city!
Chris Clark
Creative Director

Chris’ extensive experience in print and digital design, plus a wide range of interests outside of work gives him a uniquely deep and incisive creative voice. He believes that effective and convincing communication relies on a broad range of input and ideas, drawing not only from obvious cues, but tying in subtler concepts to build a more fully realized and effective solution.
Preferred Study Abroad Location: France
-Food, food, food, art. Food.
Yunxiang (Maggie) Li
Digital Marketing Associate

Having benefited greatly from a bilingual (English and Mandarin) and bicultural background, Maggie has experience with a variety of audiences and branding aspects, including international marketing, digital marketing and marketing campaign creation.Her qualitative and quantitative research background also support Intead’s focus on using analytics to drive marketing decisions.
Preferred Study Abroad Location: England
-To experience a very distinct culture, from its deep roots in world history to the Beatles to its leading role in modern science.
Elaine Goldman
Office Manager

Before joining us as our Office Manager, Elaine earned her Masters in Global Marketing Communications from Emerson College and then spent over a decade in hotel operations management. She has a passion for research, exploration and connecting with a diverse international clientele and co-workers – making her a natural fit at Intead. Elaine’s adaptability and attention to detail also ensure our projects and clients’ needs are being executed on time and within budget.
Fluent in Spanish, Elaine brings a unique perspective as a first-generation American. She celebrates her Hispanic roots and has done extensive research on her family tree, preserving stories, recipes and photos.
Preferred Study Abroad Location: Argentina
-For the varied topography, the wine, the history and the passion that infuses everything else.
Cathryn Andrews
Marketing Associate
Having recently obtained her graduate degree from the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK, as well as studying at the National University of Ireland, Galway, Cathryn has an immediate understanding of the international student’s journey. Her knowledge and experience continually inform her work at Intead and help our clients hear the prospective student’s voice. With a background in marketing for academia and use of analytics to measure engagement, she brings a high level of awareness and enthusiasm to every project.
Preferred study abroad location: England
-To re-visit my second home Canterbury and walk the cobblestone streets to Canterbury Cathedral.
Chief Executive Canine

Lana serves as the informal mascot and overall Happiness Improvement Coordinator at Intead. She spends her days finding the sunniest spots in the office and approaching her colleagues for a scratch or treat. To our staff, Lana adds humor, a distinctive deep bark and an incredible ability to listen to all ideas.

Advisory Board 

Michael Waxman-Lenz
Co-Founder and Advisory Board Member

Michael is the result of what happens when passions for international business, digital media and technology, and academia are combined. His experience in the technology, education and business sectors meld perfectly as he serves at the helm of Intead.
Preferred Study Abroad Location: India– to have the chance to study in a large burgeoning market.
Lisa Cynamon Mayers
Advisory Board Member

With 15 years experience in higher education, Lisa has worked as an admission counselor, independent college counselor, blogger, writer and speaker. She is close to the student experience and her insight informs Intead’s client marketing to international students.