More About Intead’s Staff

Benjamin Waxman

Ben founded Benjamin Waxman Communications in 1992, before desktop and handheld internet connections were present, much less ubiquitous. His first internet start-up venture with Michael began in 1995 and failed in 1997, before the internet bubble and ensuing tech crash even began. Both Ben and Michael consider this a badge of honor.

With the growth of Ben’s marketing agency (now Tessellati, LLC) as a niche firm focused on academic marketing and international student recruitment, co-founding Intead with Michael was an obvious next step.

Throughout the past 25 years, Ben has focused on helping institutional non-profits and for-profit organizations with complex services sell to educated professionals. Where students are making significant decisions about where to invest their time and money, Ben’s work helps them differentiate one academic institution or program from another. His work in corporate marketing, branding and communications for a range of industry clients in education, healthcare, finance, technology, management consulting, and publishing, help him develop creative and influential messaging for a variety of audiences. He applies his knowledge of marketing trends, technology/web-based tools and social media to all engagements.

Ben brings to projects the drive and talent to evaluate ambiguous situations, develop a workable plan and implement it. His clients value his eye for business development opportunities and persuasive, diplomatic style useful in attracting prospective partners. Also useful is his extensive experience building internal and external relationships and overseeing and motivating global virtual teams. He is accustomed to working with high-level decision makers.

Ben earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wesleyan University and a Masters in Business Administration from Northeastern University. He studied Middle Eastern Politics at Hebrew University in Jerusalem during his undergraduate years and has continued his learning with an executive education course at Harvard Business School.

Ben has traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East and taken business trips to Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, and China. Ben participates and presents at international education industry conferences including AIRC, NAFSA, ICEF and EAIE.

Ben runs Intead’s office in Boston.

Edward Zhang

Edward is a native of the Liaoning region in Northern China and was educated in China, Canada and the United States. He has extensive experience in public relations and as a government liaison in China.  As Intead’s China Country Manager, he works with local high-schools, colleges and college counselors and connects them with U.S. colleges and universities.  Edward has extensive experience in culturally relevant and effective marketing for Western academic institutions in the Chinese environment.  He holds an MBA from Baldwin-Wallace University.

Edward runs Intead’s office in Shenyang, China.

Kellie Faulkner

Kellie’s strengths are clear from the first time you meet her. Her background in getting people to open up and share their ideas spans work in academia, software training, and yes, even fitness instruction. It may sound varied, and it is. And that is why Kellie’s collaborative spirit is so valuable to the team at Intead and to our clients.

Kellie has spent over twelve years of her career focused on marketing, admissions and recruitment strategy, and system development for schools and universities. As Director of Client Service, she uses her expertise in emerging media and digital marketing to develop strategies on how best to reach targeted audiences with compelling information and offers, resulting in a higher yield.

Kellie’s ability to listen to and communicate clients’ needs is complemented by her ability to develop project plans and execute on them. Just to keep it interesting, as if all of the above where not enough, Kellie blogs about health, beauty and fitness in her personal life and is a licensed Zumba™ fitness instructor. She brings her high energy to our team and our clients, inspiring those around her.

Rashmi Arora

To put it simply Rashmi is Intead’s computer whiz. There isn’t a computer issue we face that Rashmi cannot resolve. Rashmi’s expertise lies in web design and development, database technology solutions and WordPress blog design and development. Rashmi maintains the Intead digital orientation sites, the Intead reviews site and the Intead website. She has extensive experience synthesizing business and creative ideas into vital, accessible computer sites. Rashmi holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Computer Science and Engineering (with Honors) from Kurukshetra University in Haryana, India.

Elizabeth Frederick

During the heady days of the explosive tech boom, Razorfish applied the Internet revolution to some of the largest domestic and international brands around. Elizabeth was there to help that marketing agency grow rapidly and lead specific client-focused initiatives (Groupe Clarins, Legg Mason, and others). The daughter of an academic librarian and a pharmacist, Elizabeth was naturally drawn to specializing in healthcare and academia. With a direct and extremely tactful style, she brings her strong client serving skills and knowledge of technology to every project.

As clients approach us to help develop and implement a marketing plan, Elizabeth’s clear communications and writing skills help her conceptualize and convey branding strategies and messages. As the plans move forward, she coordinates creative, editorial and production processes for digital media projects, corporate and community newsletters, executive training programs, research reports, articles, and fundraising initiatives. She understands user experience and advocates for simplicity and a clear focus on audience segmentation. Fortunately, she understands information architecture enough to speak that language.

Speaking of languages, did we mention that Elizabeth is fluent in French and can get by quite well in Russian? Or that she plays the organ and piano? Rounding out the human element, Elizabeth has very prominent community commitment veins running through both hands and is involved in many local non-profit initiatives.

Elizabeth holds a BA from Wellesley College.

Jennifer Thayer

Jennifer’s background in marketing and business allows her to tackle projects both creatively and analytically. A recent graduate of Bryant University with a BA in communications and business, she is feeding her thirst for academic rigor through a part-time, online graduate program at Northeastern University in organizational communication.

Jennifer’s previous experience includes marketing and communications work for non-profits in the healthcare industry, including re-branding strategies, writing for both print and digital publications and project management. She brings her strong organizational skills and eye for detail to every project and can adapt her high-level writing skills to reflect and capture the values and needs of each client.

In addition to her writing and project management skills, Jennifer brings her knowledge of social media to the Intead team. She enjoys using these platforms as a personal creative outlet. She is particularly fond of using Instagram to show off her amateur chef skills and document her world travels to some of her favorite cities including Prague, London and Paris.

That Jennifer can juggle all of this and remain upbeat is a testament to her steadfast organizational skills that keep our projects on track and our office humming.

Chris Clark

In 1995, Chris started his graphic design shop, Cave Dog Studio. Working primarily as a freelancer and sole proprietor of Cave Dog, he helped guide projects and produce award-winning designs for a wide range of clients for nearly 20 years. Chris and Ben began their working collaboration in 2010, deepening and strengthening that relationship to the point where a joint effort under the aegis of Intead was a natural next step.

Chris’ extensive experience in print and digital design, plus a wide range of interests outside of the office gives him a uniquely deep and incisive creative voice. He believes that effective and convincing communication relies on a broad range of input and ideas, drawing not only from obvious cues, but tying in subtler concepts to build a more fully realized and effective solution.

Beyond the big words and high-concept phrases, good design must communicate clearly and decisively. Chris always strives to hone Intead’s design approach to the most effective, simplest form, supporting and reinforcing the clients’ goals. Clean and simple design is not necessarily the quickest or easiest solution, but it is nearly always the best one. Chris works tirelessly to keep that focus and deliver the best possible result to Intead clients.

Yunxiang(Maggie) Li

Maggie joined Intead as an international student from China. After getting her bachelor degree at Beijing Jiaotong University in China, Maggie received a full scholarship from Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, Massachusetts to pursue her MBA with a focus on marketing. Having benefited greatly from a bilingual (English and Mandarin) and bicultural background, Maggie has experience with a variety of audiences and branding aspects, including international marketing, digital marketing and marketing campaign creation.

To sharpen her competitive edge, Maggie is currently pursuing a second master’s degree at Bentley University in marketing analytics. Her qualitative and quantitative research background support Intead’s focus on using analytics to drive marketing decisions.

Elaine Goldman

Elaine has always been curious about human behavior and learning from other cultures. It’s this curiosity that brought her to Intead and influences her eclectic educational and professional pursuits. She received a BA in psychology (with a minor in Spanish) from The University of South Carolina. She also holds a Masters in Global Marketing Communications from Emerson College.

Prior to joining us, Elaine worked for over a decade in hotel operations management for some of the best properties in Boston. Her favorite aspect of this industry was the constant interaction with a diverse international clientele and co-workers. Elaine’s passionate commitment to customer service, brand awareness and creating personalized connections continues to infuse everything she does. As Office Manager, her attention to detail, adaptability and creativity are equally an asset here. She holds all of our feet to the fire to make sure projects and client needs are being delivered on time and within budget – despite the inevitable curveballs.

Elaine also brings a unique perspective as a first-generation American. She is fluent in Spanish and celebrates her Hispanic roots. She has done extensive research on her family tree – preserving stories, recipes and photos. In her spare time, Elaine enjoys painting and running. She hopes to one day qualify for the Boston Marathon and run a marathon in every state (only 46 more to go!). She maintains a blog about her running journey as an additional creative outlet.

Elaine brings the mental tenacity and positive approach necessary in endurance sports to projects at Intead, simultaneously focusing on the intricate details without losing site of the larger picture.

Cathryn Andrews

Cathryn has always been curious about other cultures and ways of living. She has studied in three countries, carrying with her an energy and zest for life. As a recent graduate, Cathryn brings to the team a fresh perspective and a positive outlook. She graduated from the University of Kent, UK with an MSc in Marketing and a BA in Communications from Assumption College. Her drive to explore and excel has propelled her to Intead, where her passion for new and unique experiences translates well into her work.

Cathryn’s previous marketing experience includes creating digital content to promote study abroad programs through blogging, web content and social media. She also has experience using analytics to measure the impact of social media marketing. Her attention to detail makes her a strong copywriter and editor and her background in graphic design and photography gives her a sense of visual aesthetics that continually informs her work. Cathryn brings a grounded perspective that ties the boundless nature of creativity to a practical understanding of business practices. Her combination of abstract and analytical skill serve our clients well as we develop and launch our marketing plans. When she is not working, Cathryn enjoys yoga and other athletic pursuits that help her stay relaxed and focused.