Digital Brand Audit

Auditing Your Brand’s Online Presence in Other Countries
With China blocking standard US-based social media tools (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google) Intead offers an inside look at how your institution appears when Chinese students search for your school.

Using our staff in China we research exactly what kind of digital presence you have in that country. We can perform this audit in other countries as well. As part of this service, we provide a summary report card and recommendations specific to your institution.  Digital Brand Audit Template





What you will learn from our audit report:

  • Which Chinese ISPs are able to access your website and other technical availability statistics for your website and specific content
  • What happens to your website’s links to and feeds from Facebook, Googlemaps, YouTube, etc.
  • What kind of comments are appearing on Chinese social media – alumni and prospective student activity
  • Results from major Chinese search engines – how Chinese students and their parents find you
  • How and where your brand appears on other Chinese websites, including university blogging sites like

Find out how your brand appears.

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