Digital Orientation for International Students

On average, your admitted international students are receiving two other acceptance letters. And once they decide which institution they want, they are waiting eagerly and anxiously to depart in 2 to 4 months.

Intead created the digital orientation with two goals in mind:

  1. Begin the orientation process for international students during the waiting period – after enrolling and before traveling to the U.S. – typically between May and August, and
  2. Strengthen the connection between the admitting institution and the prospective student to draw a higher yield from the admitting process.

Our digital orientation provides a customized micro-site to engage and enroll prospective international students. The site follows your institution’s branding standards making the orientation pages look and feel exactly like your current institutional website. However, Intead hosts the content on our servers to avoid typical technology integration challenges.

Using our deep content library, coupled with your institution’s information, Intead creates a portal for admitted students to learn about what it means to study in the U.S. at your university. The site’s content is presented in multiple languages based on the regions you are targeting for recruitment efforts.

The information presented covers getting established in the U.S., campus life, the American classroom, banking, healthcare, safety and other topics international students want to understand before they make the enrollment decision.

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