International Social Media Management

Your social media presence for domestic student recruitment likely uses a combination of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Googlemaps and Google+. Perhaps you’ve already jumped into Pinterest. Many countries around the world block user access to most of these services.

China blocks access to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and all things Google. Where that content appears on your site, Chinese users are essentially getting a message that the link is broken.

Intead provides social media services in China and around the world to help make your valuable content accessible in other countries. Services comparable to Facebook, such as Ren Ren in China and Orkut in Brazil, are heavily used and can promote the unique features of your institution while building a community of followers.

Intead’s Ren Ren social media service is a good example of what we have to offer. Click HERE to get an overview of what Intead offers.

To learn more about marketing in China, take a look at our recent presentation at a NAFSA conference by clicking HERE.