iPad Apps for Enrollment and Fundraising


The University App that tells your story, anywhere, in any language

Empower & manage your international counselor network

STOURY tells your institution’s story anywhere and in any language.

The conversations will be GREAT!

  • Your International student life and campus pop onto the screen.
  • Your Academic strengths stand out.
  • Your most attractive differentiators become crystal clear.

Deliver dynamic, vibrant and informative conversations. As you and your team travel the country and the world, our new app keeps everyone on message and in sync. All of your latest content syncs to each mobile tablet automatically – the latest photos, graduation statistics, academic achievements and videos appear automatically for all users.

Let’s face it, this multi-cultural, multi-language, cross border stuff is as gratifying as it is complicated. That’s why Intead has developed a suite of products and services to help you meet your recruiting targets while enjoying the best of why you do this important work.

Your School Will Stand Out

This app is designed specifically as a conversation tool for use by your enrollment team. Appearing only on your team’s tablets (not students’), the app gives your team the content that helps them display your school’s most attractive features in a stunning format, in any language.