Multi-Language Promotional Videos

Nothing engages and tells a story like video. Even if it is only in English, videos of your institution can build connection and pride for international students and their parents interested in your school.

Let us help you explore and produce the best international recruitment tools possible. When applicants and their parents have something wonderful to show their friends and family that demonstrates your school’s benefits, the connection is stronger and your enrollment figures increase as a result.

Many institutions produce their collateral and web content only in English as another method of ensuring applicants’ English language skills. We believe this approach is ineffective. There are other tools in place to test for English language proficiency.

Since international applicants are rarely in a position to visit your school in person before making their selection, a video will help convey the unique benefits and welcoming nature of your school.

We recommend offering viewers the option of multi-language subtitles, or better yet, producing videos in native languages with your current international students explaining why those chose to go to your school.

View an example of an international recruitment video our team produced for Northeastern University:  (Click image below)

Northeastern University Promotional Video